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Your very own virtual pet is here!

Take care of your new friend, name them, and decorate their room to your liking! Feed them their favorite treats, and keep them healthy for optimal time together. 

This game was a passion project that took me about a month to get to this point. While it's not complete, it still has a lot of the content that I had originally planned for this game (and them some!) 

Despite being an incomplete game, I do hope that you enjoy playing around with it!

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Virtual Pet
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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it wouldve been nice if the pet can like, die in this game. that way i could actually kinda care about my pet, since it seems i could just leave it there for an eternity and it would not die/get sad or anything so i dont really interact with this game that much when i downloaded it


I'm learning gml2 and was really inspired by this!

I loved that you could actually have your pet go potty instead of picking up poo afterwards. 

The pixel art is super cute and there is so much of it!! I was surprised by how much customization and food options there were.

I had tons of fun playing this and loved my pet :D


proud of my pet's froot catch skills

Thank you so much for playing it!! I am so happy you were inspired~ ^~^ 

Customization was a huge driver for me for this game. Has I the files again, I might have made the things unlock as you go, but this was before I nailed down Github. ;A;

In any case, good luck with your future projects! :D


I love this! I know it was made awhile back. But it's really good! I'm a new game producer and I'm making a game similar to this because just your game really inspired me. So this is the new path I'm taking! Thank you so much <3


HELLO yes 'tis I, I am SO HAPPY that you love the game so much you're inspired! This literally makes me wanna cry. Good luck with your game! <3


Yes yes!! ^^ I am very youngs tho. I've tried my best so far though! I'm looking in how to code currently because I uh. never made a game before... but ANYWAY! I didn't actually think you'd get back to me aaaa I luv ur other old games! <333

hhh im the same person also i gave up on the game qwq sorry- i just made a ghost fnf mod tho -v- its cute. and senpai has a seizure its only for week 1 and 6- tho

Game dev is hard, it is okay!!

Thanks for understanding- it got complicated but I sorta understood it.




THANK YOU! I am so sorry for the late reply I straight up lost my password for this account and had to make a new acct so that is why I didn't respond right away ;A;

UNFORTUNATELY, This game will no longer be updated due to me losing literally all the files, but I am SO GLAD that you like it!! <3 Thank you, thank you!